Acer Aspire ONE A150 For Student

Acer_Aspire_ONE_A150_1006__15676665Acer Aspire ONE A150 is the most suitable product for notebook and NET Book for student. How can it be? Because students generally do not like too weight notebook beside the real a lot of books they usually carry everyday. The mini an portability design of Acer Aspire ONE A150 could considered very "student". With hard disk capacity of 160 GB it is enough to save whole library at school in one go. Other specifications such as WiFi, LAN, Crystal Eye Webcam, of  Acer Aspire ONE A150 are supporting for Internet need for student at college hotspot.
How about the speed? Acer Aspire ONE A150 come from qualified brand viz: Intel Atom N270 (1,6Ghz) processor, DDR2 1GB, the machine could run after train express! If you are student like me, then you won't regret to buy it.

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