intel x58 review

Recently the PC media have few guest (sample) from motherboard factory with newest chipset from Intel branded name: Intel X58. Total, there are about five motherboard vendors that provide a sample product with Intel x58 chipset. surprisingly enough, with the situation of global economy recession like this time the Factories dare to release their new product. Moreover, the indonesian economic circumstances at this time is mesh, and even a little it would influence to the public economy.
If we see the price of the motherboard chipped intel x58 itself is in the range of about 400 that follow the U.S. Dollar rate to Indonesian Rupiahs at February 2009 Rp 11.600, -, then the prise will become Rp. 4600000, -. The prise is fantastic enough for motherboard only. And whether the price of the product intel x86 will not be salable in the market indonesian? Do not be wrong. In accordance with the data we got, the Indonesian user is the most enthusiastic users of new products from the factory. In other words, users in the indonesian always have the latest products first, compared with neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, even though Australia. Interesting is not it?
Apart from the of the "mad price ". The new Intel X58 form technology is worth enough to praised. New technology such as Intel quickpath interconnect (QPI) for replacement of the front-side bus FSB, and full support to new newest processor is Intel core i7, and the Southbridge chipset parlormaid ICH10 make this new motherboards that use Intel x58 chipset deserve to have the name and the praise!

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