What Benefit when we use paid domain, not free ones like blogspot?

When we use free services such as BlogSpot, wordpress etc, we have to face the dire consequence when there is mass removal or the free domain owner getting bankrupt. What if they drop our blog and it become vanished without trace in a blink of an eye. We cannot recover a blog on the same domain so that the process recovery result will be unavailable, unless we have the basic fan to promote our new blog network, for example, facebook and twitter viral marketing. It will be easier to gain popularity. Another case with a small blog, I think it would be difficult.
Benefit to change from free domain to premium domain such as dot.COM , dot.INFO etc, dot.IN, dot OR.ID In conclusion:
- When the mass removal occurs we do not lose 100% of the notes, have a data backup
- More professional, and the future is wide open monetize more
- SEO for domain, if we optimize our SEO on previous free domain name and when the event of mass removal or banned by blogger or Google then our claim is denied, that means all the SEO efforts and activities for our free domain wasted. But if you are using a premium domain, when a blogger account is deleted, we can switch to another account in the new host, the new blog automatically have the same quality SEO as previous one.
The most important thing by switching to a paid domain name will make you safer assets because it has a better guarantee than the free domain.
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