Do you think our lives have been improved by the Internet?

is internet improve your lifeThis is An interesting conversation that I unintentionally heard and I think this is good to share, just considering being otaku or another terms for internet and computer addict.
 M Abdalla: I think I'm always browsing. So, I spent most of my pastime surfing the internet. I never regret doing so since it has been beneficial to me especially in my carrier; teaching. I learn so much and get well informed about the day to day news. I've also made a colossal number mere chums. The internet is certainly essential. I have no doubt to keep on surfing till the dooms day. However, if not well managed it wastes one's precious time of doing equally important things. Another disadvantage is it takes time that would be for socializing with those around. The irony of social networks- one makes many friends outside their habitat on the expense of those around. The family is missing the company of their chronic internet browsers. It's goodness outweighs it's bad
How many hours a day did you spend on internet? and can you tell one benefit that you get most from using the internet?

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