Tips to Make SMS Duplicates Automatically Backup

We already know that SMS is still the most favorite feature phone users, after BBM, Whatsup, Line etc, SMS short message services is text-based services and indeed very easy to use, SMS can be userd for private and also business affairs.
The question is, how to make backup or archive all SMS data automatically, so we can access it when needed. Because Hand Phone gadget often out of memory, so it can not receive more SMS when it said so, nevertheless we delete all SMS Inbox or randomly delete it, still we can’t afford to receive the consequent when anything goes wrong such as important data that we need to use.

Backit SMS Up Application
There is an application called message mirrors, this application lets you automatically create a duplicate sms, sms doubling its way in and out so that the deleted sms remain stored in the application.
Mirror message is symbian 3rd edition applications, short message can then be sent successfully duplicated in the form of text files (txt), html, csv, and xml.
Sending file using bluetooth, infrared, MMS or email, now we try sophistication of this application, do the following:
1.Download and install this application in your phone in
2.Aktifkan the application, and select start service to start.
3.Sekarang we try to send sms to any mobile number
4. And then delete the message.
5. And then open another application and then select the message mirror quick browse, view deleted messages that had been still recorded it?
6. To export, select exported data in the sms message, try sending the backup file using mobile bluetooth to another handheld, the file will be send as notes formated as txt extention.
good luck ..!

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