How to install sis 6215 vga driver on XP

here is the trick to install sis 6215 VGA driver on Windows XP, although we knew that XP operating system no longer supporting SIs 6215 VGA driver.
  1. First you should be able to use Deep Freeze standard evaluation version or full version is OK but you should download it first. :)
  2. Each time computer restart it would ask for new founded driver ex. Sis 6215 driver, and then you may choose your own specific driver.
  3. Follow the pict
Choose yes brother
Although the driver is not match 100 % but your graphics wont damned too flicker as usual because there is allocated memory for the VGA. But once you restart that would be trouble if you don’t use deep freeze to keep system from installing wrong VGA driver. That another use deep freeze for :). And about the picture below.. you should not change anything, the windows display is wrong! actually the resolution is 800x600 and depth color is 16 bit but once you change it, BOOM! you’ll know what to do … peace.
sis 6215 final

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