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Ther are so many methods to convert ads script usually written in javascript language into blogger friendly (can be inserted in blogger template xml), although we know blogger is using xml platform that forbid us to use javascript directly in its template, but we can use javascript parser in this case. The most populer parser tool online is service to parse html and xml and javascript. Because Blogcrowds HTML Parser allows Blogger users to add ads script such as Google Adsense into the the body of their blogs.

How to Parse the script and adding Adsense script insertion in your posts. 
Previously I have posted how to get Script and Install Googel Adsense but you can manage how ads show only in specific label. Script code that can only be installed in the widget, if you want to put in the template design must be parsed it first. Parse meant replacing signs or certain java script code unreadable and replace it with code that can be read design template Still you can use this little script I wrote, just copy the source code on adsense or ppc (pay per clicks) ads code, paste it in this form, and then click Parse. It should be convert the code immediately. But if it doesn't show anything, it may because you turn of the javascript or disable javascript. Go to tool - option and enable the javascript on your browser. Good luck, and don forget to bookmark this page. 

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